1. "Yeah…OK Dude…your cat’s named Waffles."
    Captain Black’s, Capitol Hill.

  2. Gasworks Park on the cusp of spring.

  3. Montana Bar, Capitol Hill.


  4. Hi all! Sadly, I no longer live in Seattle (as of November) but will continue to occasionally post things to this blog that remind me of my wonderful, adopted home city. Submissions are welcome, and feel free to follow my personal.


  6. erinmerrill:

    seattle skyline pt. 2 (by Erin Merrill)

    july 2012

    pentax 6x7, 105mm/kodak portra 400

  7. Have A Heart Café: Seattle’s Amsterdam. University District.

  8. Cookies, creme brûlée, butterbeer, and molten chocolate cake @ Hot Cakes in Ballard.

  9. Are u sure about that

  10. October afternoon.